The past years Wedding Dream has already organized many ceremonies. To give you an impression we placed below a number of references with pictures.

Gaby and John, 22 august 2016 

Dear Suzan,

We would like to thank you again for the unforgettable day with perfect memories of the island Bali. We are very happy that you organized our wedding, to less words for thanking you and your team. We had tears in our eyes when we stepped into your villa Surgawi, what an beautiful villa and garden. We never seen a villa like this if only in magazines. This villa became ours for 7 days.....what a wonder. At our first meeting we had this click with you, everything was spoken through. What a warm and friendly person you are. On the wedding day your team started early organizing everything. A lot of people busy with our wedding. The make-up girl did a perfect job. I am not easy to please but this was perfect. At first we had this Balinese ceremony, very nice because of the nice man who blessed us and explained everything.This was a special event we did not want to have missed. Just before sundown we got married on the beach. This also was special because a small island appeared in the water during the ceremony.

Happily we could experience this because there was no beach at that moment. When this little island appeared everybody worked hard to prepare the island for the wedding ceremony. It looked perfect although there was a lot of stress whether everything would be ready before the sun got down. All went well and we had a beautiful ceremony. Made took very nice pictures. You never notice him being around you all day. But what they delivered was very professional. Top! When we cut the wedding cake, Suzan was busy setting the dinner table. It look so classy with the flower arrangements and candles, so romantic. The only problem was that this day ended so soon.

Dear Suzan, from the bottom of our heart thank you so much for the beautiful time in your villa and for all the perfect memories. We will return some day to your villa and meet you again. Everybody who reads this and plans to get married in not look any further. I can say with all my heart turn to Suzan and she will make your dreams come true. It is worth every penny you spent.

Sweet regards John and Gaby

Saskia and Han, 19 august 2016

Dear Suus,

Many thanks for everything! 

During our holiday in August 2016 we had the most surprising wedding event in villa Baruna, all organized by you! How difficult it must have been to organize a wedding in secret?

Suzan you surpassed all our expectations! The moment that we were blindfolded and send to our room to get dressed, not knowing what was going to happen, you walked into our room and i knew everything was going to be alright.

Han and i walked out of our bedroom and waauw, everything was decorated so beautiful. Everything in our taste and style, exactly the way would have done it too. How well do you know your customer? Leave everything to Suzan, she knows how to do it and how to get is done.

Our day was great and worked out perfectly to the detail. Our dearest people were around, we had a great ceremony and a wonderful dinner.

Suzan you are a wonderful person and how right you do things, we are very proud of you!

Greetings Han and Saskia

Marlies and Ed, 8 august 2016

Dear Suzan,

After almost 1,5 year of efficient mailcontact, we finally met you at the wedding meeting in our villa. It was a very warm, trustful almost, but structural meeting, because with a this woman who understands her business, no detail was left out. I loved it, also had my list but everything was already sorted out by Suzan. And then the day of our romantic wedding arrived, together with our children, their partners and friends. I was surprised about my nervous feelings and very relieved when i heard Suzan’s voice. From that moment on, and also did Ed, i could surrender to Suzan managing everything. 

Very important that on a very important day like a wedding day, you can leave your trust to this warm and understanding woman, who knows exactly what you need at this moment. During the period of preparing the wedding day you dream about what this day will be. It was beyond that, it was better than perfect. The best dream.

Darling Suzan, how exciting it must be to make people so very happy together with your well organized team Many thanks. We wish you a lot of beautiful wedding to come.

Love and hugs from, Ed & Marlies

Ray and Jessica, 5 may 2016

Dear Suzan,

The beginning

In August 2015 Ray and his 5 year old daughter, Prophets to his lady and with tears in her eyes she said YES The romantic fairy tale could start and very soon they knew they wanted to get married in Bali. 

An “in between”
The fairy tale became even more romantic when they discovered that there was a bun in the oven. Perfect, but the baby made them changing the marriage ceremony from July 2016 to April or may 2016. Now they had many arrangements to make in sort time. 

The story continues
Very soon they found the website of our dear Suzan and with the little time they had left in mind, they told Suzan that they were planning their wedding for April/May 2016. Suzan reassured Ray and Jessica not to worry and told them it would be no problem, she dealt with worse problems before. The pregnancy was also no problem for Suzan. She offered them a lot of tips and ideas , not just for the wedding but also for a round trip in Bali. 

Suzan quickly gained their trust because of her transparent attitude. Most of the conversations were through Skype and Suzan was always very happy to help us. Even finding the perfect location for the wedding was no problem for her although we did not make this easy for her. The perfect location was found in Villa Terang Bulan in Lovina. With her good knowledge of the country, people, culture, nature and climate we were helped a lot. Suzan takes all the time and effort you need to make all your wishes come true. Therefor we trusted the wedding to be a great success! 

The meeting 
Suzan employs a very good photographer who also became our driver. He also took our wedding gown directly to the villa so we did not have to carry it around during our trip in Bali. After a beautiful trip around the island we arrived at Suzan”s hotel for the meeting. She discussed the wedding program with us in every detail, what reassured us in every way. Suzan thinks about the smallest detail. 

The wedding
On our wedding day Suzan arranged the photographer and the hairdresser. She even arranged a christian priest to make the ceremony perfect. It was obvious that Suzan was very experienced in weddings and this made us very relaxed, so we could enjoy every minute of the day. We confirmed the wedding with a intimate dance so we could carry the vows and love within our hearts. The photographer Made captured the day with perfect photos. He managed to finish the photo book within 3 days, just before we departed , although he has a regular job as a photographer. 

Suzan arranged our wedding day in Bali perfectly according our wishes and delivered us an unforgettable time. We thank her and we look back with pleasure to this day and wonderful start of our marriage. 

Ray and Jessica

William and Monique, 4 may 2016  

We had the idea of renewing our wedding vows on Bali during our holiday. 

My wife was surfing on the internet and found the website from Suzan. For renewing the vows we did not need to arrange any legal stuff. We only had to focus on a beautiful day. 

After some email contact skype conversations we gave Suzan 'carte blanche'. Our only wish was that she made our day a perfect memory. Normaly Suzan has couples with a lot of wishes and demands, this was something new for her. But she did exactly wat we were hoping for. 

She made our ceremony perfect. It was a beautiful day on the beach.

The flowers, wedding cake, music and the photo album were perfectly organized. We are 100% sure that Suzan can also arrange very big weddings. Communications and her organization are very good. 

Susan has a great team around her so we cordially recommend her!

William, Monique, Nina & Max

Ben and Joke, 11 november 2015

Dear Suzan,

It was our dream to get married on the romantic island of Bali. Through “weddingplanner” we found your website. It looked perfect. Our weddingday in the fantastic villa on Bali was great, you arranged everything perfectly.

We stayed in Sanur, the south of Bali, and you arranged that your driver, Made (the best driver on Bali)picked us up and after a three hour drive, with spectacular vieuws and places we arrived at the wedding location, on it self a great experience.

There was a big surprise for us because our children came to Bali unexpectedly, although we decided to be wed just the two of us……problem…..not for you… adjusted! Arriving you arranged everything, but realy everything just perfect.

The villa with pool and beautiful garden and beach were stunning. Ketut coocked a great meal and her breakfast was perfect also The weddingday was a nice and relaxing experience….all thanks to you Suzan. The photoalbum and DVD were very professionaly done.

Dear Suzan, thanks for a great stay in your beautiful villa and for a great weddingday.

Love Ben en Joke van Deenen.

Karin and Suki, 20 july 2015

Hey Suzan,

We have been so happy with how our wedding has been going. Everything was so very well organized . We still look back with pleasure to this day. You made it unforgettable. We are very thankful for this. The fantastic house, the cake, the flowers, the ceremony, the setting.

The photographer made a lot of beautiful pictures and organized them in an album. Everything was beautiful and cared of. Attached some pictures of the wedding. Please put them on your website so a lot more couples can have a wedding like this. If there is anything more we can do to help, please let us know.

Lots of love and greetings Suki and Karin

Winish and Solange, 17 july 2015

On july the 17th 2015 we got married. 

Without Suzan ad her team it would not be that perfect. In January we contacted Suzan by email and it felt ok straitaway. Suzan reacted immediatly on our mails and took the time to answer all our questions After 6 months of email-contact the day arrived that we would be wed in a villa in Lokapaksa.Two days before the wedding we met Suzan.

We were quite nervous if everything would be well arranged, being busy with all the arrangements for 6 months and not beeing able to get our hands on it (which is super of course).Suzan felt this and she reassured us. The day itself was super! We were married the Hindoestanie way in the garden of the villa, and we aslo had a ceremonial wedding on the beach. This all in 1 day! 

Two different settings with beautiful flowers, delicious cake, red heart balloons, champagne and a beautiful sunset. Suzan took care of everything. During the makeup and hairdue she checked if everything looked nice, the flowers arranged well and also checked the beach. 

That is the way we wanted it on this special day. Two days after the wedding we received the wedding album and DVD and we were very impressed! So now the guests that could not be with us in Bali can see what happened on that day and we can relive it.

We want to thank Suzan and her team fort his unforgettable day.

Winish & Solange

Roderick and Jacoline, 15 july 2015

Hi Suzan,

We had a wonderful holiday in Bali en enjoyed our weddingday very much. We look back on this day with much joy.

The photoalbum and service from Made were fine. Your assistance befor and during the day perfect. About the restaurant we had some complains, we did not want to rush dinner but still it took too long.

Thanks for all your input and good care. We wish you lots of success with the business and we might see each other again in Bali.  

Greetings Roderick and Jacoline

Denise and Armando, 1 july 2015

Our dream came true, getting married on the beautiful tropical island of Bali.

Suzan has taken care of everything and every detail. After a long journey we arrived in the villa and we were welcomed with a cool drink and a flower necklace. The staff was very friendly and very good coocks. The location was very nice, at the beach and we even had our own little island. The altar, flowerpath and the priest, all was taken very good care of. 

Even the weddingcake was tinted in blue. The bouquet and the corsages were made exactly in the colors and arranged the way we wanted it. Also the hairdo and the nails of the bride were perfect. The champagne, dinner and the villa were like a dream. The photographers were very professional, the album and dvd were very good assembled.

We will recommend Suzan to everybody. The mailcontact and the breefing before the wedding were good.

Thanks Suzan

René and Amy, 8 june 2015 

Hello Suzan,

After our engagement in Thibet, we were searching for a tropical location for our weddingday. Very soon we decided for Bali. By Google we came to the site of Suzan and her team. After a few mails send we decided to book our wedding with Wedding dream. This has been the right choice. 

The 8th of July we were married in villa Sali and this day was perfectly taken care of by Suzan and her team. We had no worries at all. Rene was even still in the swimmingpool, just an hour before the wedding. 

Two days later we received a very nice photoalbum and a DVD of the wedding, which we could share with our Family and friends. We were very much surprised by the quality and the photos made by Suzan and her team.

Thank you so much for organizing our day! We can recommend you to everybody.

Rene and Amy

Linda and Silfano 22 may, 2015

Dear Susan,

After a long search wanted to have a wedding planner, we found you. We knew we wanted to get married on Bali only we had never been to the island. You took all our worries and arranged a beautiful day. 

The beautiful villa by the sea Surgawi with the nice pool. Decorations were exactly what we requested. We could not have wished for a better day.

Your staff was the icing on the cake. Super friendly and helpful.We often think back to our wonderful wedding day.

Many thanks to you Suzan and for your entourage. 

Keep doing what you do.

Mr. and Mrs. Satay

Martijn and Moniek, 18 may 2015

Hello Suzan,

Before we got married we were together for 13 years. And we always told eachother, that if we got married we would like to do this far away on a beautiful beach. And ecaxtly after 13 years we made this dream come true. After searching the internet we found the beautiful beaches of Bali and the site of Wedding Dream.

Through the whole process of organizing we had a very pleasant mail-contact with Suzan. Her enthusiasm was so great that we always had the feeling that everything was going to be perfect and according our wishes. Together we searched for a nice beach and a dinner location. At last we decdided for Pandawa beach, a beautiful beach, that was especially blocked for us, so the ceremony became very private. In may we went to Bali with our 2 daughters and both our parents. Also some friends joined us a little later.

The dinnerlocation was D’Roemah, a nice restaurant in the middle of the ricefields, wich was decorated to our wishes. In Bali we discussed the last details for the wedding with Wedding Dream. Then everything was taken care of. All day long we were very spoiled and everything was taken good care of, hairdresser, makeup, flowers, photografer etc. Suzan took care of everything and we only needed to say YES. Also our 2 daughters had a great day.

At home we kept on enyoing the day by the stories and the photos, sharing with our family and friends. We received the legalisation papers of our wedding, which we delivered at the councel of our hometown.

Suzan, thank you very much fort his fantastic day en the precious memmories.

Martijn, Moniek, Lieke and Sanne Hoffer.

Rashid and Asia, 16 january 2015

Hey Suzan,

Hope all is well. We absolutely enjoyed everything about our Balinese experience. It couldn't have been better. Below is the reference for Wedding Dream and photos to add to your website: "When my husband and I decided to elope in Bali we had no idea how we were supposed to pull off a wedding in a destination that we had never visited before nor knew anyone. 

With the help of our villa manager, he put us in contact with Suzan who from day one was so very patient and understanding of our circumstances. I will say that at first I was a little skeptical because we only communicated via email (I felt it would be better to speak on the phone to make sure nothing was lost in translation, but it was hard to do with the major time difference between us), but ultimately the correspondence worked out fine. Suzan worked with our budget and personal taste to recreate exactly what we wanted to the tee.

Once we arrived in Bali, we met with Suzan the next day and she was so on point that all of our worries simply went out the door. She gave us the confidence and peace that we needed because she made sure we were all on the same page, everything was explained in full, and she even threw in some extras complimentary. 

On the day of the wedding, everything was so beautiful and played out perfectly; we couldn't have asked for anything better as she nailed it! All of the people she hired from the photographers, make up artist, florist, etc was exceptional and really made our day even more special. We couldn't believe how quickly Suzan and the Wedding Dream team pulled off everything in such a short amount of time and executed everything masterfully. 

My husband and I will have memories to share for a lifetime and it was all possible thanks to Suzan and Wedding Dream. We will absolutely recommend Suzan and Wedding Dream to anyone that we know who is interested in marrying in Bali as her services are impeccable and well worth every dollar. 

Thank you so much for an absolutely gorgeous wedding and unforgettable Balinese experience.

Jacomine and Erwin, 1 january 2015

Our experience with Wedding Dream

We have put Suzan considerably to work because there were only 10 weeks in between our first contact with her and the wedding date. From the first moment on it was clear to us that Suzan takes her tasks very seriously. Everything seemed possible. The correspondence between us was great and flexible. Not one minute we were worried about our wedding and the implementation of it. We also got legally married and Suzan provided the right people for it.

Our arrival at the villa was very affectionate and we felt like coming home. Suzan sets high standards for herself and her staff, as you will find anywhere. On the day itself she takes all your worries away en provides a perfect coordination. The decorations were great and everything went perfectly, which we never expected. Suzan made a great effort to make our day very memorable and it succeeded. We remember our wedding-day with warm feelings and lots of fun.

On our way back home we collected the wedding-album and we saw al the love en attention for our day within the photographs. Our tip: get married just the two of you. We were married without family or friends but had a very intense day together. We made it possible through a laptop and ustream that everybody in Holland could watch our wedding. This was very special for us and for them too. Also make details for the day together. Suzan can help you with everything but if you have special wishes its better to have a plan you agree on together. Last but not least; my husband arranged through Suzan some extra outings. 

This was a big surprise for me and very good organized. To be short: ask for it, there is much more possible than you can think of. Suzan, again, without your help our wedding would not have been so beautiful. 

The attention for all the details and the perfect hosting surprised us and will always be remembered.

Thank you! Love Jacomine and Erwin