The past years Wedding Dream has already organized many ceremonies. To give you an impression we placed below a number of references with pictures.

Margit and Tom, 8 january 2018,

Dear Suzan,

now we are back in good old cold Holland and our hearts are still full of the wonderful holiday. We and our kids as well enjoyed Bali.

Thanks to you and your team, we have been able to experience an unforgettable wedding day. As a thank you, a number of pictures made by Made. No problem if you want to use them on the website or to show people what it's like to get married in Bali. Thanks again, also Villa Meli was great with a fantastic staff


Margit & Tom

Manon and Vincent, 27 september 2017,

Hi Suzan,

When we decided to get married in Bali, we did not want to arrange and manage to much from our home country, the Nederlands, so we choose the wedding package from Wedding Dream. We did not know Suzan and her Wedding Dream, so everything was a challenge.But everything worked out perfectly.

Our wedding day became unforgettable.Suzan controlled everything and thought of many details. The setting looked beautiful. Beautiful flower pieces and decorations.The atmosphere was very relaxing without stress, although everything was delayed because we had problems getting dressed. At the end we received the photo album from the photographer. His album was above expectations. Very well done with beautiful photos.

Suzan, thank you very much and we hope to meet again sometime in Lovina

Greetings, Manon and Vincent

Petra en Wesley, 8 september 2017 

After the proposal in Gili Trawangan in 2015 we decided to go back to Bali in 2016 to start arranging everything for our dream: a wedding on the beach. But where to start? Searching on line we came up with Suzan and a mail was send. In the meantime we kept searching and through an collage we found the perfect location: Villa Amber in Lovina. When we mailed with the owners of this villa, they told us that they had many marriages in their villa and that they always worked with the same wedding planner, a Dutch woman, who lived in Bali for 10 years already, named: Suzan.....connecting with the same person twice. This could not be a coincidence. Because we were in Bali at the same time, we arranged a appointment and at the first meeting we knew that this woman knew how to handle things. She showed us photographs from marriages she did and came with lots of ideas to make a dream wedding.

 Everything I asked could be arranged; I was beaming with happiness. After our first meeting a year full of anticipation started. I collected photos from Pinterest en send them to Suzan. The only problem I had was choosing. Several days before the wedding we had a meeting with Suzan. She came to the villa with several pieces of different cakes to taste and she went through the complete program from A to Z. She had printed out all my Pinterest photos (decoration, flowers) that I mailed her and gave us a complete view of how everything was going to be put together on the big day. And there it was: the 8th of September 2017: the most beautiful day of our lives! Heavenly, how relaxed we started that day. At 12 o ‘clock we were still having lunch and we could take a swim in the pool while the team of Wedding Dream arrived and started building the setting. The flower team were sitting in a circle arranging the frangipani’s and several other flowers, others were hanging up the lightning, the tiki bar was built and others were setting up the altar........everything critical watched by Suzan. I saw her walking from one to another, giving instructions so that everything would be perfect. Great! The only thing I had to do myself was getting into the shower at 2pm and after that enjoying the indulgence during make up with my bridesmaids.

Made already made pictures of us during make up, and made pictures of the rings and the wedding dress And then Suzan picked us up......what followed was a dream, the setting was like in the most romantic film. Unbelievable! The ceremony was conducted by a Hindu priest who preformed a beautiful ceremony as an introduction to our traditional wedding. After that a very nice photo shoot started with Made with a beautiful sunset.Then the reception started and a traditional Indonesian dinner was served around the swimmingpool decorated with many candle lights. We slid from one place in the garden to another and everything flowed together perfectly. Whole of the beautiful garden was used and nobody noticed Suzan and her team setting up the next thing. Then the live band started to play. What an atmosphere! From quiet lovesongs during dinner to sing-a-longs and reggae vibes, pure ambiance. 

Our guest were moving al the time, everybody was excited and we became great fans. I saw Suzan standing in the corner watching us and shining, completely justified. This lady will forever be in our heart. What she made possible for us no words can describe. What started for us as a dream, she made it come true and we are very grateful for that. A few days before we left, Made brought the photo album. As we went through the album we relived the moment, so beautiful and professional the photos were. Our family in Belgium could enjoy our day because al the highlights were on video.

Do not have any doubt and hire Suzan to make your fairytale come true.

Marieke and Sven, 15 august 2017

Our wedding day in Bali was like a fairytale. 

The location suited us very well and the ceremony on the beach was atmospheric. We enjoyed every minute and we all were very relaxed. Communication with Suzan is quick, honest and clear. We immediately knew where we were. Suzan knows how to please a wedding couple and knows what direction the couple wants to go, this is a gift. The private location and setting was atmospheric and cozy, everything was cared of in detail. Suzan knows how to comfort people and focuses on the wedding couple. The cocktail bar, especially built for our wedding day and the corsage for Sven were plus points on this fantastic day. 

We asked for a photo shoot with the photographer and a videographer in the neighborhood; we still enjoy looking at the pictures and video.The videographer choose a beautiful song in the video. It is called “Perfect” that was just released in the top 40, so it seemed especially written for us. We enjoy looking at the video and are very happy together.

Thanks for everything Suzan, you have a beautiful job and we wish you every happiness on the tropical island of Bali.

Sweet greetings Sven and Marieke

Charlotte and James, 26 june 2017

Hi Suzan,

I would like to thank Suzan and her team for everything they did to make our day perfect. It was better than I could have ever imagined! Although it might seem strange to organise a wedding via email (from another country), not once was it stressful. Suzan included every single one of my wishes, with ease. 

The day was carried out to perfection. I was the most relaxed and happy bride and it was all because of Suzan and her team. There is not a thing I would change about the day and I could not recommend her more! 

 Thank you for an amazing experience!

Charlotte & James

Monique and Peter, 28 may 2017

Hi Suzan,

From the Netherlands, just a few months before the wedding, we contacted Suzan from Wedding Dream. After a few mails everything looked as we inteded. 

Everything is possible!

As we arrived in our hotel in Bali the staff of the hotel were informed that we would (re)marry in their hotel. One day before the ceremony, Suzan came to the hotel to check everything and communicate with us and the hotel manager. It felt like everything was going to be perfect. The next day Suzan and her crew arrived at the hotel in plenty of time. 

We could relax and enjoy, Suzan arranged and took care of everything. She checked the decoration on the beach, she checked the visagist for my make up, the hairdresser, everything had to be perfect. And it was! Nice setting, beautiful decorations, nice and professional crew, delicious cake, beautiful photo album etc. A successful day, with the help of Hotel Adi Assri, which we want to mention also.

Thank you Suzan and everybody else.

Chris and Emma, 26 may 2017

Dear Suzan,

How happy we are to have found you. Chris and I dreamed about getting marrried on the beach, in the sun barefeet, and where else to do this better than in Bali. I find it very hard to let things go, especially when it concerns my own wedding. But after a few emails with you i knew everything would be just fine. Only after a few mails you exactly knew how we wanted everything to be. Chris and I were very nervous on this special day, but you reassured us totally.

The wedding was unforgettable. Everything was like we wanted it to be. Not just you but all the people in your team, everybody took care that we had a wonderfull day, everything was about us, everybody was very kind and Made who made beautiful pictures and video.

The album and video were brought to our hotel before we left, very good organized. And of course dear Ketut, who took good care of us during our stay in your beautiful villa. We want to thank you and your team from the bottom of our hearts for all the beauty you arranged for us and the stay in your beautiful villa. We recommend getting married in your villa Surgawi to everybody. A dream came true for us. Lots of love Chris and Emma Wennekers

Kasia and Andy, 10 may 2017

Hi Suzan, 

Me and Andy wanted to say how thankful we are for organising our wedding. Everything was absolutely perfect and you really made our dream come true.

Once we received the pictures from the wedding we start realising all the details of your decoration that we didn’t realised on the day. The day was so emotional that we didn’t properly looked around. The day you organised for us was absolutely magical, thank you for everything. 

We wish you all the best and more successful weddings in the future. 

Have a nice day 

Kasia & Andy

Tiny and Heinze, 22 february 2017

Dear Suzan ,

Getting married in Bali was a beautiful experience for us. Everything was exactly as we hoped for. Barefoot on the beach doing our vows was a very special moment.

We still have beautiful memories left. Everything was very well arranged by you and your staff, so we could fully enjoy this special day.

We often look in our photo book and think: “ in a few years we will return to celebrate our anniversary.” 

Thank you for the good care. 

Heinze and Tiny

Corine and Etienne, 19 july 2016

Dear Suzan,

We had a large villa by the beach with a pool and a huge garden. Suzan gave us a warm welcome. At 5 o clock we had the ceremonie with the Balinese preast Pemungku. They made us an island in the see where we could hold the wedding. It was genious and extremely beautiful, it was even full moon that night.

The diner was prepared with love and passion, it was delicious. After it al we even went skinny dipping in the pool and then we went to our luxurious room in the villa where we received our breakfast the morning after.

Suzan, it was beautiful what you made of our day. It simply could not be any better. Culture, food, sun and all your magic.


Corine and Etienne

Patrick and Barbara, 20 december 2016

Dear Suzan

Hereby our story! 

We again want to thank you for the unforgettable wedding day! We at first booked a round trip for Indonesia when we we told by the booking agency that we had the possibility to extend our tickets with a week. Of course we did not think twice and we thought this a good moment to make our biggest wish come true, getting married abroad. But how? How do we get married there and what do we need to do this?

I started Googling: getting married on Bali, and the first website did it, in Dutch, how easy was that? The site looked good and the introduction of Suzan did it for us. We were able to read a lot of good references. After our first mail contact we immediately had a good feeling about her and Wedding Dream. She was very enthusiastic, easy going and knew a lot and had a big experience in this job. Is was a very pleasant conversation and many would follow. After that the quotation came in which she told us clearly how the ceremony would proceed and what was included in the price. The value for money turned out to be perfect. We also had a skype conversation to get to know each other live. That was very pleasant.

Our dream day I did not believe my eyes! There was Suzan with her crew. The filmcrew, a baker, hairdressers and many people to turn the garden into a beautiful wedding location. The weather God showed a favorable attitude. The first day it was rainy but on our wedding day it was sunny and tropical. So nice that i did not need to think about anything. So enjoyable it was. Relaxed, everybody did what he had to do easy going. Suzan told me many times “i arrange everything, you just need to call” There were 3 hairdressers, one for each of my daughters and one for me. Our hair was perfectly styled with the same flowers of my bridal bouquet. For my girls Suzan had made lovely flower bracelets. After a while the priest came, all in white, like us. The introduction was very relaxed and he waited patiently for us, until we were ready.

The ceremony was in the indonesian language at the family temple in the garden. The priest asked his God for permission to preform the wedding and took his time with a beautiful story including insence and spiritual operations, really amazing. After that he spoke the wedding speech in entertaining English and the “Yes , I do”was given. So nice and intimate together with our daughters as witnesses. I enjoyed every moment! We drank the nice champagne with our music in the background and opened all the presents that were brought from Holland. We ate the delicious cake together with the crew. After that Made waned to do the wedding shoot and after taking some pictures in the garden we all went to the beach where he took amazing photos. After that we all jumped into the pool, the best ending of a very relaxed and tropical wedding. The best thing also happened that we got our wedding album on the last day of our stay.It was all amazing!

Suzan, Thank you again from all of us! We enjoyed it so much.