Lara & Abdulah, 5 january 2018

Hi Suzan and wedding team

In 2017 I asked my partner to marry me on the beautiful island Koh Lanta in Thailand. But bali would be our destination for our wedding. Bali is like coming home, (especially after a backpack trip) So it was for us the place to be! We have come to you through friends of ours (who have also witnessed us). They knew our plans and advised us. You also arranged their wedding ceremony in Sanur in the hyatt hotel, a few years ago (which also looked beautiful!)

We got your email address from them, and that's how it all started. The contact went very well and of course here and there some healthy stress. You managed to keep us calm 'on the other side of the world hihi !. Even with whatsapp it went flawlessly! It was a very nice quiet experience. I have experienced this as very nice. By passing on our wishes and or changes. Response of our questions was quick and clear. 05-01-2018 this day is ours! And of course we wanted to celebrate this day with our friends and family! 

We have chosen for a tropiche garden ceremony, and have been able to rent the perfect garden with villa (villa bahagia), on the beautiful black beach. We were able to choose from 2 options, after we had spoken, and you already knew a little 'how and what' we would like it. The standard package or the luxury package. The great thing about it was that we were able to combine, and that was no problem at all. You have made our garden beautifully with everywhere beautiful dream decoration! From lanterns to Balinese flags.

The plate that we got from you as a present was really great, for the polaroids! The pool was nicely decorated with candles, which in the evening really gave a nice romantic effect. You took all our worries away from us! That was really great for my partner and me! Sahin our son has also been able to fully enjoy it! The bbq buffet was really delicious we enjoyed that ... Really!

Our compliments! Everything was arranged tip top!

Thanks for everything Suzan and her top team!

Renee & Robert,  23 april 2018

After a fantastic trip through Indonesia and a few wonderful days in Villa Surgawi it was finally on April 23, 2018  our wedding day!

Our wish was to marry on Bali and after some searching on the internet we quickly arrived at Suzan her webpage. After the first request via the website, we had regular contact with Suzan to see what our wishes were and what was possible. The way in which Suzan tackled matters gave equal confidence, she thought of everything and we had plenty of opportunities to make it really our day, just as we had in mind.

During our stay in Villa Surgawi prior to the wedding we met Suzan in real life  for the first time. On the spot we discussed all matters at once. We really experienced the preparation for our wedding day as super relaxed. Suzan, together with her team, had everything under control, thought of everything and we enjoyed everything during the preparation.

During the ceremony itself everything fell into place, the whole picture was complete, exactly as we wanted it. Afterwards, first enjoyed the delicious wedding cake and then the great dinner that Ketut prepared for us. 

A few days later our vacation was really comming to an end. On the way to the airport our wedding album was brought by the photographer, this too has become beautiful and so fast, what a service!

Suzan, and the rest of the team, thank you very much for everything you have done for us to give us the perfect wedding day !!

Robert and Renée

Randy & So Ho, 3 juli 2018,

Hi Suzan,

Thank you for being our wedding planner and for all the energy and time you have put into making our wedding day unforgettable. The search for the right wedding location was not easy and we are glad that you were there for us to visit and check everything. Your high demands have ensured that it has become the wedding day as we desired it. Without you this would not have been possible, you were our eyes, ears and nose in Bali. In preparation for our big day we have always kept good contact. 

Because you were also the wedding planner of Winish & Solange, we also had more trust in you and it built up more and more over time. We often had the same ideas, you understand what we want, listened to us well even though we were probably not the easiest coulpe either. In addition, it comes to see that due to unfavorable circumstances, you have also become our intermediary so that we could enjoy. 

We would also like to thank you very much for that. Suzan you are a good, fun and sweet person and love the things you do. Passion and drive in your work as a wedding planner is very important and we have clearly felt this with you. 

We wish you all the good of the world and lots of fun in your life! A lot of love, 

Randy & So Ho  

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